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Italian residence card or residency permit in Bologna

Residency permit

Questura di Bologna

  • Piazza Galileo Galilei, 7 – 40123 Bologna ( WHERE )
  • telefono: 0516401111
  • fax: 0516401777
  • email:

Information and residence permits to be delivered


Via Bovi Campeggi, 13/3

40131 – BOLOGNA –


From Monday to Friday from 08.30 am to 1.30 pm, there are branches available for:

The acquisition of the applications already submitted to the post offices and exclu- sively for the appointments provided by Poste Italiane;
Acquisition of requests that should not be submitted via Italian postal service.

It is reported that as of April 29, 2016, the new advance booking procedure has been activated for access to the 1st Office of the Immigration Office by booking the appointment directly at the dedicated desk located within the Immigration Office, presenting itself from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. For the submission of the following instances:

• Asylum following notification of decree recognition of international protection status (Legislative Decree 251/2007)
• Conversion permit for minors (Article 32, paragraph 1 bis, D.L. 286/98)
• EU residence cards for foreign nationals of EU citizens (including Italians) (D.Lawo 30/2007)
• Medical care
• Sports competition
• Justice
• Family (Article 19, paragraph 2, letter c) D. L.vo 286/98)
• Family (Article 30, paragraph 1, letter d) D. L.vo 286/98)
• Family for cohesion (art 30, paragraph 1, letter c) D. L.vo 286/98)
• Family Support Services – (ex art 31 D.Law n 286/98)
• Minor age / Relationship / Protection / Child Integration
• Humanitarian Motives
• Social Protection – (art. 18 and 18 bis D.Law n 286/98)
• Subsidiary Protection (renewal only)
• Stateless Status (First Release)
• Working holidays

For statements of presence regarding entry to Italy for Tourism, Business, Invitation and Short Study (for stays of up to 90 days), requests will continue to be received daily from 12.00 to 13.00 directly to the Desk 1.


More detail [ click here ]

Online service [ click here ]

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Bologna Place to visit

Bologna can be discovered and observed in many ways: one of these, the most exhausting, certainly one of the most fascinating, is # from above. Here are the 10 best places to visit. And you suggested there others?

You have to climb 498 steps well, but fatigue, once on top of the Asinelli Tower, is rewarded so 😉

photos ofmisscaterinapin

And ‘the new, central viewpoint of the city: the panoramic terrace San Petronio (you enter from Piazza Galvani L.) is 54 meters high and provides a spectacular view of the hills and the Two Towers. It is accessed by a lift or up the steps of the scaffold. It ‘opened on Saturday, Sunday and holidays all day from 10 am to 17, Monday through Friday the entrance is at: 11, 12, 15 and 16. Costa 3 for the restoration of the Basilica. For groups booking is recommended all’infoline 346 5768400, every day from 10 to 18.

photos oftwiperbole Municipality of Bologna
photos oftwiperbole Municipality of Bologna

And ‘the longest portico in the world, almost four kilometers (exactly 3,796 m) and more than 600 arches: Yes, we are talking about St. Luke, going up, offers different, unusual, views of the city and the hills.

photos oftwiperbole Municipality of Bologna

And ‘the viewpoint of the city: from San Michele in Bosco, the view is unique and beautiful, both day and night. No need to add another 😉 is easily reached by bus 30 (stop at the terminus in San Michele Bosco terminus) or with the shuttle A (stop Clinic Rizzoli terminus).

photos of itsoriana_ team instagramtwiperbole
photos ofviaggidielena

Among astrolabes, telescopes and terrestrial and celestial globes, visit the Museum of the Observatory ends at the end of the spiral staircase with an exceptional view. And ‘mandatory reserve, the tour lasts about 1 hour (cost € 5 per participant).

Bologna from the Museum of the Observatory photo of Oriana Langitsoriana_

60 meters high, the tower Prendiparte or Crowned, has been fully restored and is now living a new life: it is in fact used as a residence for prestigious events and stays of charm and appeal. Access to the tower is possible only during events and guided tours like the Tour Towers: read more>

photo Valentina Guidobonivale_guidoboni

Not everyone knows, but it’s one of our favorite places: the top floor of the Palazzo d’Accursio, the Town Hall and the Municipal Art Collection, one can enjoy a picturesque view of Piazza Maggiore 🙂 http: // goo .gl / HRTpU3

photos ofjulie_fruit

Bologna is one of the few cities that can boast a path CAI (the ones with the red and white trail, the number is 904) that starts from the city center to get on the hill: about 5 km (for a vertical drop of 220 meters) during which open magnificent views over the city.

photos oftwiperbole Municipality of Bologna

The bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Peter is the second “tower” of the city (m. 70) and houses the biggest bell playable “bolognese” (so rhythmic and full rotation of the bell) and weighs 33 tons. The windows of its views of the hills and the old town is really priceless. The Campanile is open Saturday and Sunday from 14 to 16.30 (info 051 222112)

The wonderful view from the bell tower of St. Peter (photo by Fabio Nacchio)

The park of Villa Chigi (accessed via San Mamolo and Via Martucci at the bottom and in Via Gaibola the top, where there is also ample parking) is one of the largest of the city and walking through the green, the view is beautiful.

There are many other possibilities to capture views of our city from unexpected places: from Bolognahenge Via Mazzini where watching the sunset “in line”
photos ofthelittlebean team instagramtwiperbole
to Montagnola Park, which Piazza VIII Agosto, in sunny days, offers priceless views
Photosmental_shot team instagramtwiperbole
to places such as the University Palace Paleotti or the Department of Mathematics
photos ofalmaclaudia
photos of Michela Semprinimichelasemprini
And you know others? Good find! 😉

10 gennaio 2016 / by / in the city in the hands of people!

This is the title of a project that was created with the intention of offering a new perspective and visibility of our city and its province.

In terms of technology, allowing geolocalize those entering the site, identifying its position and guiding it through google map to reach all the most useful information and the crafts that have become increasingly difficult to find; in cultural and social terms, valuing the historical path of the city and its province, with indications about the best routes and places to visit, offering materials online / offline and immediate visions of the points indicated with streetview, in addition to enhancing the profession of each craft and give voice to citizens who wish to improve the livability of the common spaces.

To achieve these objectives will be collected photographic materials, conducted research / interviews and questionnaires administered to be published on the blog site, under the supervision of Dr. Celano, a degree in psychology of work and organizations.

They will also be highlighted artistic and cultural events for the people of Bologna but also for its Italian and foreign visitors, since the site is in two languages, Italian and English and is automatically connected with the social networks that publish content.


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How to Enter a New File – New Point on the map portal

Per inserire una nuova scheda occorre prima registrarsi :

inserisci un punto

Vi viene mostrata la pagina di login.

Se avete già un account potete inserire il vostro nome utente e password :



Se non disponete ancora di un account gratuito fate click su REGISTRATI ORA [ click qui ]


Per un nuovo account compilare i campi qui sotto con username e email e premere REGISTRATI ORA [ Click qui ]


Il sistema vi avvisa che è stata inviata una email. Chiudere finestra con click sulla X in alto a destra :


Controllate ora la vostra casella di posta per i dati di accesso :


Tornate sul sito ed entrate dal login :


Il sistema vi conferma avvenuto ingresso :


In alto potete ora leggere il vostro nome utente


Per inserire un nuovo item fare click nuovamente sul pulsante INSERISCI PUNTO oppure dal menu CONTATTI & ACCOUNT selezionare “Inserisci un nuovo punto”


Il sistema ora vi propone i PACCHETTI disponibili.

Occorre selezionarne uno :


Ora potete selezionare le opzioni di pagamento o attivare il periodo di prova gratuito se previsto dal piano :


Una volta selezionate le modalità di pagamento potrete finalmente inserire le vostre proprietà o scheda di presentazione.

Nell’esempio qui sotto viene mostrato il campo tipologia che vi permette di selezionare la categoria di inserimento :


Compilare tutti i campi richiesti e prestare attenzione alla sezione INDIRIZZO.

Come potete vedere occorre selezionare la città di riferimento e nel campo ADDRESS la via completa del vostro punto. Appena iniziate a digitare vi viene mostrato da google il nome completo. Selezionate quello giusto come da esempio :

indirizzo indirizzo_ok

ed otterrete una compilazione completa dei campi latitudine e longitudine come segue :


Al termine dell’ inserimento riceverete una conferma


E verrete ridirezionati alla pagina dei vostri inserimenti ove potrete per ciascuno effettuare tre operazioni :

  • cancellare la schede
  • vedere la scheda
  • editare la scheda




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